David McKelfresh, Real Estate Advisor

As someone who was a Thrive client back in 2013, David knows exactly what makes the Thrive experience so unique. Thrive’s dedication to our clients and innovative strategies create fewer headaches for our clients and ultimately, more money in their pockets at the time of closing. 

David joined Thrive after spending two years founding and running a continuing education company.  As a Colorado native, David has spent most of his life between Denver and Fort Collins. Previously, David worked for Colorado Storm Soccer as the Director of Marketing.

David attended Colorado State University where he earned Bachelor’s degrees in both Business Administration & Economics. He subsequently earned a Master’s from the University of Northern Colorado – specializing in Sports Administration.

In his free time, David loves travelling with his amazing wife (20 countries & counting), hiking with his dog (Jorga), and exploring Denver’s ever-changing food scene. David still runs Credits for Teaching, a continuing education company for K12 teachers, and is a co-founder for Candor Brewing (coming in 2020). 

Favorite Quote: "There's a basic principle in real estate, that you should never be the best-looking person in the development.  It's just sort common sense, because if you are, then you've no place to go but down." - Michael Scott